The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,446 – Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
5 12, perhaps OLDTIMER
An infirm Republican? It’s what some believe CREDO
Bad idea, beginning to interview Trump in warm bathroom TEPIDARIUM
Bars supply north-east district INTERDICTS
Bill gets sheep to behave badly ACTUP
Bit of catarrh on child producing wheezing sounds RHONCHI
Cleavages Simon Peter and Andrew perhaps found pronounced FISSURES
Complain bitterly about extremely dear carriage from US RAILCAR
Disputed region ready for broadcast on space station KASHMIR
Essential oil obtained from fish in tin? Difficult, if unopened SPIKENARD
Experienced surgeon operated on European VETERAN
Fish given second light touch to dorsal area STICKLE
Going out with topless degenerate EGRESS
Hedonistic EU prince travelling round Austria EPICUREAN
Maintain one’s composure as warder, say, after row during meal left one a little peeved (4,1,5,5,3) KEEPA
Clues Answers
Old man? Man possibly unknown in Scottish town PAISLEY
Police dog that’s bound to see evening shower? FIVE
Politician leading English party? False! TRUMPEDUP
Saint Mungo relocated, with Glasgow initially out of range? MOUNTAINS
See 4 BACK
Send letter to us that’s left out? On the contrary, by the sound of it WRITEIN
Solution has T in place of second P in European port ANTWERP
Start to climb tree above a volcanic crater CALDERA
Superior article at front of book on autonomous computer program ABBOT
System that’s used for tax PROCESS
This setter’s having quiet drink to follow Vlad’s example IMPALE

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