The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,448 – Mar 5 2018

Clues Answers
A crazy, upwardly mobile architect ADAM
Agent without sleep is irritable SNAPPY
Boy embraces supporter winning gold in Canada LABRADOR
Burn old note to make a gesture BECKON
Caught spoiling sweet CHARMING
Collier harbours terror of psychic MINDREADER
Concerned with stout correspondent REPORTER
Conflict by the sea, briefly gave enthusiasm WARMED
Dismissed with less than player in game ROUNDERS
Dominate finest horse BESTRIDE
Hear a gun going off in lecture HARANGUE
Knowing some nuclear chemistry ARCH
Look both ways PEEP
Clues Answers
More enthusiastic mourner KEENER
Nun died tragically in New Zealand DUNEDIN
Officer knowledgeable about voucher COUPON
One man takes a long time producing artistic works IMAGES
Our stamina is restored here SANATORIUM
Philosopher behaved without sin? First class! DERRIDA
Pulled up car making low vibrant sound PURR
Recommend against commander breaking an engagement ADVOCATE
Sacked a politician for inflammatory release FIREDAMP
Soldier to sack valet RIFLEMAN
Some years with conservation group are corrupt DECADENT
Suggestive of the latest wrap-around dresses REMINISCENT
Supply post providing grub CATERPILLAR

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