The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,449 – Mar 6 2018

Clues Answers
A condition causing swelling on one rodent AGOUTI
Big beast’s tail bitten off by antelope in demilitarised zone once RHINELAND
Bird of paradise? HOURI
Bravely handle consequences of awful cafe and what’s piped into it? FACETHEMUSIC
Cover popular artist’s sound WRAPPER
Crown and Church join in dirge CORONACH
Dismissal of cop — canteen can go wild NONACCEPTANCE
Erotic, like a Turkish bath STEAMY
For one running keep tin of beer? CASTELLAN
Frequency with which US sect starve FAMISH
Hard to impress surrealist with a flower DAHLIA
I had existence as a distinct personality IDENTITY
Its leaf on wee statuette? FIGURINE
Joint request to include fluid in this? HIPFLASK
Clues Answers
King left upmarket version of fried fish TEMPURA
Like many cathedrals, become almost intimate GOTHIC
Mean to get drunk TIGHT
Opera is back in the big house MANSION
Party official meets Leader of House with advantage WHIPHAND
Passable property of woman to change, possessing boring name HEREDITAMENT
Perhaps chicken wing and leg found on top of Capital Hill PARTHENON
Please speed to airport OHARE
Point at which inexpert actor joined players WESTHAMUNITED
Pygmy militia member? MINUTEMAN
Raised support to translate Torah for Scots community ARBROATH
Swiss banker invests energy in complete set of personal make-up GENOME
Usually like beer, which sport interferes with ASARULE
Wine waiters lose half the battle SOMME

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