The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 955 – Mar 5 2018

Clues Answers
Banks in Ecuador take currency commission ERRAND
Cobblers’ first half own goal was hard HOGWASH
Comedian’s comeback about posh fellows gets laugh GUFFAW
Cover band? LAYER
Dad wearing cap follows man to landing site HELIPAD
Drive back by river in carriage having a cocktail MARGARITA
Duo endlessly confuse with silly talk TWADDLE
Fabulous rampant beast described by quote EXOTIC
Female university students approach year positively FULLY
Find out a canister’s cracked ASCERTAIN
Furious when sailor’s idle ABLAZE
Indifferent progress with intravenous drug PASSIVE
Job on island for Pat, perhaps POSTMAN
Kick off again with skill after break RESTART
Lightweight stroller’s better GAMBLER
Moderate a beta version ABATE
Clues Answers
Noted hospital’s energies died when I left HEEDED
One is taken in by crafty card sharp ACRID
Persuaded to shift dung to rear of shed NUDGED
Put brakes on bus for dawdler SLOWCOACH
Raise for worker briefly entering enclosure close to crocodile ENHANCE
Runner regains form to chase gold ORGANISER
Search reservists turning up for battle COMBAT
Set off home with beer mug STEIN
Short jacket and bag for work BRIEFCASE
Smart kitchen furniture not finished ahead of party DRESSEDUP
Spirit is very aged finally in conditioned oak VODKA
Spiteful false claims about debt MALICIOUS
Stick with team STAFF
Tea bags and cake regularly put out in the wings BACKSTAGE
Virtue’s foremost in Christmas story NOVEL
Woman’s hat made from good French material BONNET

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