The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 374 – Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
15 7 movie about the Pentagon Papers THEPOST
15 7 movie based on the novel Mrs Dalloway THEHOURS
15 7 movie from 1982, based on the novel by William Styron SOPHIES
15 7’s finest work – based on the music of Abba? MAMMA
A short brimmed hat – or a novel by George du Maurier? TRILBY
A short-sighted person MYOPE
Another word for Passover PESACH
Brandy or liqueur made from a variety of distilled fruits SCHNAPPS
Controversial family planning policy introduced to China in 1979 ONECHILD
Der __, German weekly news magazine SPIEGEL
Garlic and oil sauce used in Mediterranean cuisine ALIOLI
Greek peninsula separating the Pagasetic Gulf and the Aegean PELION
Clues Answers
Japp __, former Manchester United defender STAM
Legendary creatures confronted by Gulliver on his travels YAHOOS
Out of which 5 7 came in a 1985 movie? AFRICA
Print and online magazine founded in Montreal in 1994 VICE
See 4 Down MIA
Star of Kramer vs Kramer (1979) MERYL
The study of matter PHYSICS
__ Child, character played by 15 7 in 2009 JULIA
__ Pankhurst, person played by 15 7 in Suffragette (2015) EMMELINE
__ Tyler, star of Lord of the Rings (2001) LIV

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