Crossword Puzzle Info Concise – Mar 3 2018

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Clue Answers
Alcoholic drink RUM
Asian cooking ingredient SOYSAUCE
Best part CREAM
Bishop of Rome POPE
Catch sight of ESPY
Contemptuous SCORNFUL
Group of soloists ENSEMBLE
Limb ARM
Love deeply ADORE
Necessary NEEDFUL
Paper-folding art ORIGAMI
Person claiming to have second sight CLAIRVOYANT
Prove superior PREVAIL
Select PICK
Sets of two PAIRS
Shoestrings LACES
Skin disease IMPETIGO
Sleeve parts CUFFS
Stratagem PLOY
Taken for own use APPROPRIATED
Uninvited guests GATE CRASHERS
Unsatisfactory compromise FUDGE
Wandering NOMADIC