Concise – Mar 5 2018 Concise Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 5 2018 

Clues Answers
Aspersion SLUR
China clay KAOLIN
Deliberately avoid SHUN
Discarded objects JUNK
Expecting the worst PESSIMISTIC
Floor covering RUG
Fluent and plausible GLIB
Fluid in the veins of Greek gods ICHOR
Frozen water ICE
Gambling product SCRATHCARD
Large wine bottle MAGNUM
Light exercises CALLISTHENICS
Mythical creature UNICORN
Paper ingredient CELLULOSE
Perspire SWEAT
Pitcher EWER
Shortened forms of words ABBREVIATIONS
Stringed instrument UKULELE
The common people HOIPOLLOI
Try hard STRIVE
Unlawful ILLEGAL

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