Cryptic – Mar 1 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – March 1 2018 

Abandon area of London east of The Strand DITCH
Apply particular programme to oust leader APPERTAIN
Bizarre attempt to accept request initially, upsetting the balance GROTESQUE
Compare some internecine killing with revolution LIKEN
Corrupt landlords leaving North Dakota for American capital DOLLARS
Decorator is not commonly wearing lead belt PAINT BRUSH
Drops popular artist before season in New York RAINFALL
Failing double agents might do this DEFECT
Force original sinner to turn religious fanatic TORQUEMADA
Get out of former home, evicted from complex EXTRICATE
Give up after tax returns overlooked FORGOTTEN
Hard nuts climbing naked here? Probably not! TUNDRA
Lost control of business finally getting wound up SKIDDED
Magistrate abandoning rate reforms in disgrace STIGMA
Member’s entrance to Jersey? ARMHOLE
Objective bird has a change of heart GOAL
Observation’s not about to evaluate work MARK
Present sociology’s case for unorthodox view HERESY
Rejected players no longer available CASTOFF
Rent out again for free RELEASE
Ring dove periodically ignored bird HOOPOE
Row as leader of boat crew steps forward FIGHT
Tense cast regularly seen in this place THEATRE
This colours audience’s perception of Stamp’s hard man DYE STUFF
Took a step backwards to hold husband showing no signs of life DORMANT
Training about education lifting writer’s block IMPEDE
Trapped criminal needs guards worked up ENSNARED
Wind up in care for backing police search DRAGNET

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