Cryptic – Mar 10 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 10 2018 

Clues Answers
… course there’s space on plane for one ENTREE
… yes, Rob’s struggling with fine school publication YEARBOOK
A short time after Easter, Frenchman returns cleaner WHITENER
Bum steer to statement’s conclusion, in a way STREET
Can girl put in colouring ingredient? TANNIN
Country going through after former finalist lost LATVIA
Gets worse – holds up banks ROWS
Go green after trouble at start of year ENERGY
I sometimes employ them when animals are trapped ANAGRAMS
Ivy heard thunder around old shore RIVAGE
Look after current politician causing damage IMPAIR
Look round the whole tree SALLEE
Maybe get broken into many bits MEGABYTE
Money passed over for a small dog? YAPPER
Month with French king is duty OCTROI
Nice you largely rate Polynesian islands TUVALU
Poor reader initially held up – ‘It’s boring’ … DRAB
Pop a nasty piece of work at the start SODA
Profile of naughty wives I’d ultimately like to go through SIDEVIEW
Programme I turn over outside room BENIDORM
Promise unwilling head’s not kept OATH
Rail journeys home a little expensive – take alternative transport … AIRLINER
Reads badly to vintage campaigner CRUSADER
Record of achievement GOLD DISC
Run into writer, Kelvin – a grand fellow BRICK
Sadly I’m old and rue becoming primate LEMUROID
Saunas busted in capital NASSAU
Sorry friends upset hotel being messy SLAPDASH
Watching leaders leaving, doing as instructed EYING
Wine in crate, red, lacking body – it’s drunk in France BORDEAUX

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