Cryptic – Mar 11 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 11 2018 

Clues Answers
50% of Tories entering smart European parliament STORTING
Blemish in crown of Victorian diamonds VICE
Blokes eating large pieces of garlic CLOVES
Brother carrying lute playing for servant BUTLER
Cheese and new pear put in cold storage CAERPHILLY
Chuck fish into ball of dough DUMPLING
Climbing without ropes in unusual double circle BOULDERING
Cut groin badly on end of tightrope IGNORE
Drawing of ten bananas on top of cake? ENTICING
Fellow in Hull getting queen container for perfume POMANDER
Fish dish containing haddock tail PIKE
Flakes found in special cold drinks SCALES
Friends of writer eating game AMIGOS
God afflicted medic with common disease PANDEMIC
Keen artist joining band got back to leader of Orchestra RARINGTOGO
Like wearing colour that’s flattering GREASY
North American following a sport returned with heavenly body URANUS
Pauper getting jab in popular hospital department INDIGENT
People prepared to swap partners with women in choir SWINGERS
Politician in charge detailed caps TRUMPS
Setter right to accept award – one with a sense of belonging MEMBER
Shelter for animals in Ascot enclosure COTE
Start of coalface straddled by collier with cutting tool MINCER
Start to prepare small amount of powder POUNCE
Trick involving light colour CRAYON
Trophy defining second division? CUSP
Uniform given to relative before German prayers EVENSONG
Woman holding edges of tender single plant CITRONELLA

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