Cryptic – Mar 12 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 12 2018 

Clues Answers
Article briefly studied in part of on-line discussion THREAD
Beefsteak maybe found by cat, a Manx one TOMATO
Chinese force surrounds group of ladies going off course YAWING
Companion of female director eating nothing in France FRIEND
Complain about Bill’s partner embracing old bird BEMOAN
Complicated aria involves bumbling trio in form of combat AIRTOAIR
Distinctive theory describes different meteorological feature ISOTHERM
Edit article about university networks RETICULA
Ensign I teach holds Kindle IGNITE
Focus of modern army unit dropping CENTRE
Forces out European team with the French trailing EXILES
Handled dumped husband for Jack HILTED
Imply Madness singer has time to take ecstasy SUGGEST
In retrospect a film studio entertains adult with hot material MAGMA
Key religion has money taken away by North Dakota ISLAND
Kitchen equipment associated with drink SIDREDRUM
Learner involved in lace making is gossiping TATTLING
LSD fired up musicians FIDDLERS
Making smaller slender type of pottery SLIMMING
One bishop in diocese has emphatic way to address Trump? SIRREE
Part of dish that was donated by Adam? SPARERIB
Remove electronics from peacekeeper leaving unit behind UNSOLDER
Sleeps half-heartedly with bouts of illness DOSES
Slowly notice silver moon ADAGIO
South American river has sources in an undiscovered upland area PLATEAU
Supports first three characters coming back with seafood LOBSTERS
Tropical monkey died in tree TAMARIND

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