Cryptic – Mar 13 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 13 2018 

Clues Answers
… rent rate has to change TEAR
Aggressive culture destroyed books TRUCULENT
Ambassador seeks advice following departure of evacuated tourists CONSUL
Barbarous and wild leaders of Visigoths ravaged Gaul VULGAR
Beginning of record covered by Norwegian band ALPHA
Break dictator’s hands PAUSE
Catholic vernacular embraces every other aspect of cruel religion CARGOCULT
Checked out potential crime scene when patient died CASED
Choir mucks about, avoiding hard compositional style in modern idiom ROCKMUSIC
Chuck Norris wants to fight, ultimately making a comeback TOSS
Designer’s environmentally friendly replacement for interior colour scheme and furnishings DECOR
First-rate gossip carrying home proceeds of sale CAPITALGAINS
Gunshot wound leaves round marks NOUGHTS
Illiterate design or a museum’s centrepiece IGNORAMUS
Lose suspect with court case abandoned DESOLATE
Makes a killing after one’s invested in three pairs of buttocks! ASSASSINATES
Most angry to lose time for incorrect marks CROSSES
Not good – does things deviously DISHONEST
Partners of 9 months less aroused with you and me round MUSSELS
Rotation while receding from planet TURN
Sense it’s not a serious condition MENINGITIS
Shock wave’s broken up poor dam POMPADOUR
Sport is primarily entertainment inspired by conflict WEAR
Sweeping gutter outside house THOROUGH
The end is nothing great OMEGA
They’re shelled before the French prepare to fire COCKLES
Traces of raw effluent found in swimmer’s lung? BREATHER
Wounding appraisal of flimsy material? LACERATING
Writer will read out passage in theatre AISLE
Yielded, with the understanding … PROVIDED

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