Crossword Puzzle Info Cryptic – Mar 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Arenas in development finally breaking down, perfect when up STADIA
Average place to host a tapeworm, say? PARASITE
Eternal youth has to fade – savage! PETERPAN
Fair amount? Strike! WHACK
Get lost somewhere in India on the road GOAWAY
Huge beasts once beating toads in battle MASTODONS
Instrument in need of tuning, first off HARP
Large cushions started to go in the middle – a lot! BEANBAGS
Literary work losing focus for the present time NOEL
Male leaving a horrible drink for Roman statesman AGRICOLA
No one annoyed about wear and tear EROSION
Not entirely luxurious benefit PLUS
Number of connected rooms in silhouette? HOTELSUITE
Odd bits of carbon, sulphur, steel and cement, possibly, for me? CROSSWORDSETTER
Permission for a minor change of plan not as recent PARENTALCONSENT
Rise in temperature believable REBEL
Still fashion designs about right for formal wear EVENINGDRESS
Those known by experts to hold sanctimonious views OPINIONS
Time to fill bottles, say STATE