Crossword Puzzle Info Cryptic – Mar 15 2018

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“Thing from Another World”, screened by school? FETISH
24 in desert RAT
At the end I see some overwhelming sculpture? PLASTICART
Cash and curry? 29 it is! SCRATCH
Comic Paul Riley entertains college in a funny way PECULIARLY
Deuce! It’s time he was back THEDEVIL
Drop of milky liquid for 10? MURINE
English writer, Sir Hugo, involved originally in play ISHIGURO
Glen Ponder gets aroused by Linda Lovelace? PORNLEGEND
He loves her SS pants and footwear HORSESHOE
I finish off beer in a single continuous action ONER
Is removing Johnson’s shilling pieces called for? BOBBITTS
Island nation finally banned whisky MALT
It’s impolitic ignoring Queen – but it’s bold IMPUDENT
Language used by Lord Jim occasionally when going the wrong way IDO
Long-winded story about king and mother discovered TALKATIVE
Maybe Patsy Cline’s second whiskey and soda on the rocks OSWALD
More corny 13, unknown among nouveaux riches SCHMALTZIER
Patriarch’s tessellation MOSAIC
Pat’s literally gutted with the French intervening without much thought CARELESSLY
Polish composer and Russian writer talked about touring the City GORECKI
Pottered about after releasing pressure valve TETRODE
Power of film that takes place in Ulster TYRONE
Singer concerned with Liberal supporter and Welsh Democrat, always looking back REEDWARBLER
Some yogi masters turned up in China AMIGO
Stuff that’s retracted fundamental muscles? GLUTEI
The earth may sometimes discharge water, ultimately in this GEYSER
Unadulterated state UTTER
Vice-Admiral at games has to use electronic cigarettes VAPE
Weary of York? Head down south BORE
White dwarf found by Galileo initially? Only half of it visible GRUMPY
You won’t be able to see Maria after this time MOONSET