Cryptic – Mar 16 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 16 2018 

Clues Answers
Almost certain to deliver an end to fighting SURRENDER
Anger, being cut up over wreck of spare tyre (emptied) EXASPERATE
Basic arithmetical quantity: youngster’s start in education CUBE
Broadcast a very little, ignoring the French type of programme REALITY TV
Case one truck picked up ETUI
Come out with a lot of money? Not quite, after admitting failure BLOSSOM
Desert transport turned up late at the outset CAMEL
Dreamland, wrapped in many sheets? On the contrary REAM
Drink and river offering small quantity of liquid TEAR
Driver to bargain when going round university on two separate occasions CHAUFFEUR
Facilities supporting South East European SLAV
Give indication of supporting heads rolling with pained expression FORESHADOW
Inclining to dismiss a brilliant historic city LENINGRAD
Instruction to head for port resulted in evidence of damage, we hear LEFT WHEEL
Instrument problem borders on laughable BUGLE
Men behind roadworthiness test for vehicle MOTOR
Name encountered in Scottish island has to do with Lakeland location BUTTERMERE
No brave supplier of witticism will get punishment YELLOW CARD
Orchestra getting pounds, allowing little expense externally – it may have some beaming TORCHLIGHT
Please express anger about male staying inactive DORMANT
Problem swapping sources of suitable covering? PITFALL
Rebuffed newspaper to bring down former film star GARLAND
Register inaccurate citation, ignoring chapter NOTITIA
Request no second vegetable PEA
See those people casually hugging large tree ELM
Some into sedition should be drawn out TOSED
They’re not the best feature on table, next to drink RUNNERSUP
Those in first rose excitedly to welcome writer OPENERS
To try to get some relief is hard FISH
US city is trying out restriction on speech? LARYNGITIS

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