Crossword Puzzle Info Cryptic – Mar 17 2018

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Clues Answers
South America imports tea, for example SUCH AS
Sweep outside a B&B, using mop? SWABBING
Novel having unexpected outcome, by Hardy? OLIVER TWIST
Officer briefly gets depression COL
Swim by breakwater? That’s relatively crazy DIPPIER
It’s where Elgar, at the end, worked with score WORCESTERSHIRE
What’s needed to make orange grange useless? GOOD FOR NOTHING
Where you may find kipper and meat to scoff HAMMOCK
Fruit juice about to net a profit PAPAYAS
Local independent news INN
Plant abundant on bogs is from France LOOSE STRIFE
Essay returning model aircraft, originally in box? TREATISE
Ring true about daughter’s nasty experience ORDEAL
Doctor Who’s day to have confrontation SHOWDOWN
Character essential to Archimedes? CHI
Maybe bitter old lady providing fish ALEWIFE
Cheeky lad beat a paparazzo? WHIPPERSNAPPER
Promise to marry little woman, admitting corruption BETROTH
Lack of consistency in crying out for reform INCONGRUITY
Festival axes many stars GALAXY
Playing mostly forte, take sonata very fast ATARATEOFKNOTS
Execution by necessity involves attendant PERFORMANCE
Spurs having nightmare? It’s a delicate case EGGSHELL
Old copper spilt petrol, a tiny bit of it? DROPLET
One who tries hugging quiet bar employee TAPSTER
Disagreement after detailed article portrays economy THRIFT
Head off burning rage IRE