Cryptic – Mar 18 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 18 2018 

Clues Answers
I rent pets or fish out THEFIRSTPERSON
A price cut given to old, half-dry fruit APRICOT
A French Fancy with a filling that’s different UNALIKE
My parts have an unpleasant smell, okay? HOHUM
Playing tennis is, at first, terribly demanding INSISTENT
Too much Hoskins would upset? I agree completely! DITTO
Great dosh arranged for those looking after some kids? GOTHERDS
A conservative moron hedging over “abnormal union” ACCRETION
Type of dance music found back in drab Baghdad GABBA
Are you texting people fed up with one’s downfall? RUINATION
Trainee Indy setter about to get puzzle right … finally! CADET
Case full of French wine mostly, but no great shakes TRIVIAL
Hoskins is a German! Bit of surprise for those scanning docs? IMAGERS
Current Tory party? Half-hearted mob of little amount INCONSIDERABLE
Where we live the Man put up covering over Banksy’s work? EARTH
Bother at home with multi-function toilet? INCOMMODE
What Hoskins does for work is kissing and canoodling (both topless) SETTING
Old state publicity on southern island area enthrals American PRUSSIA
Those leading reviews examine academic delivering social studies READS
A lovebird in a frenzy can make an American colour OLIVEDRAB
Having eaten the last of entrée, try special nuts TESTES
I can’t act stupidly around Independent strategist TACTICIAN
Stoned? Wanting a rich stew? Stick a baby in it before eating? HIGHCHAIR
Give oxygen to a singer that has been gripped by drugs AERATE
One cold with awful lice and small, frozen danglers? ICICLES
Clergyman touring pub raised, then nursed a tot? NANNIED
Not all of part is terrible for Folies performer ARTISTE
Is Hoskins good not to take too many drugs, mate? AMIGO
Nerd you and I must get in the sack (after some gyrating) DWEEB

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