Cryptic – Mar 2 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions  – Mar 2 2018 

Clues Answers
Apart from one time, Del Boy, say, returned a bit of repartee RETORT
Author’s daughter becomes ill, not son DICKENS
Badger runs repeatedly into grass HARRY
Being ingratiating is not difficult with old king GREASY
Blame I dismissed, having taken vehicle in historic African site ABUSIMBEL
Broadcaster with lots of cash keeping source of revenue up SKYWARDS
Channel avoided on the radio DUCT
Chronic disorder remains to beset tense old woman ASTHMA
Comedian, one writing dully about sergeant? HANCOCK
End of one was indication to set up two DEUCE
End of war captured in four outrageous lines? That’s excessive OVERFULL
Fight pointless battles, having inclination to take on flour suppliers? TILT AT WINDMILLS
Get out of money SCRATCH
Giving basics to Shakespearean theatregoer missing line GROUNDING
Good article about Old English writer GOETHE
Independent gallery accepting a means of hanging picture back from European country ITALIANATE
Indian believer is turning up in European capital PARSI
Little thanks received by study on male function COTANGENT
Over-optimistic, wordy, lacking power ROSY
Petty cash running short unfortunately? Always in the same position TYPECAST
Regret a lot of vexed argument SORROW
Relish receiving current bringer of delivery SAVIOUR
Sadly not done around one – or an hour earlier NOONTIDE
Some European he maligns misguidedly? Little new in that ENGLISHMAN
Source of habits? Observed adopting nastier ones at first SAVILEROW
Southern resort, beside Lake, has something to shift sand, perhaps SHOVEL
This is certain to be encompassed by interpretation of ‘idle’ LEISURED
Urban amenity visionary put in place around capital of Wales SEWER
Weapon’s thwarted greeting? CROSSBOW

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