Cryptic – Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
A Parisian caught breaking wind in congress? COUNCIL
Bird and a bear going round in very high spirits COCKAHOOP
Bit of computer kit in the Paris-Dakar rally? HARDDRIVE
Bubbly chap game to get blotto around noon CHAMPAGNE
Charge written up (Queen’s bottom pinched) DRAWN
Country stronghold you raid in anger at the front SYRIA
Crazy couple of people getting jiggy with it? BONKERS
Doctor assessing condition of long-winded patient? GASSINESS
Drinking like a setter? Don’t start panicking! LAPPING
Eats and drinks after ditching wife for date DINES
Ecstasy Hoskins had with Her Maj and a flapper EIDER
Edward the VIII? A British tyrant half the time! ABDICATOR
Foreigner is no gent, having sat on one OMANI
Half-cut Barnes punches left-wingers? Ruddy quality! REDNESS
I love almost everything about that one’s sauce AIOLI
I made time up without delay IMMEDIATE
In Spain, the PM turned on old American model EXAMPLE
Nice dame I put out is a really cool woman ICEMAIDEN
Nick loses head in the sack – that’s messed up BOTCHED
One steering ship should avoid leading Republican tit UDDER
One’s certain to do away with royal children ISSUE
Parents to tour Rome at first, then here? PARMA
Plain rude to mess around with a northern don UNADORNED
Police head new plan to ask for change in America PAN HANDLE
Posh firm near Kent after good tip from Lord Sugar GLUCOSE
Rubbish old git cites is all about me? EGOTISTIC
Shaven-headed folk who might who guard The Doors? ENTRIES
Suits initially criticised medal won by those with the best knees? BECOMES
Tenor getting into row about a right crappy place? LATRINE
Unit of beer model-type upset over head of studio TESLA
Variety of glasses that browser should try on SPECIES
Weightlifter’s companion and I might ring last orders BARBELL

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