Cryptic – Mar 5 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 5 2018 

Clues Answers
… old Hindu gentleman, initially blaming archaism on deficient text BABOO
‘Endless Buns’: study on doughnut researchers’ relaxed attitude UNCONCERN
‘Sirrah, go’ said sweet … SYRUPY
1a (19 only) caught by anybody playing Irish anthem DANNY BOY
Agent finally managed second class disguise TRANSFORM
Arm policeman with soldiers blocking minor thoroughfare BROADSWORD
Back from travel after success in exam AGO
Basically, here in row 15 AT BOTTOM
Beeb’s unending concerts, originally with Henry Wood BEECH
Big event for sports college, and sound equipment’s power’s down OLYMPICS
Chap engaged in ogling? Not half LECHER
Dividing pound from fellow’s working capital LONDON
Effigy stuffed with vile contents lit up with shame GUILTILY
Enter Germany where 5 leaves across river ODER
Extremely racy novel arrangement might make Austen rich RAUNCHIEST
Fur upset environmental group OCELOT
Get fitter, time drops TRAIN
Identification marks SPOTTING
Large inflatable nipple burst by the German comic ZEPPELIN
Lunatic shows off behind lorry MOONSTRUCK
Main Oscar choices whittled down ARCH
Marriage ring like the piggy-wig’s? NOOSE
Outspoken bright young whippersnapper SONNY
Pitcher’s taunt having thwarted Ruth’s hit? I GOT YOU BABE
Put down face up LAID
Rider cycled here without hard seat DERRIERE
Services for caravan wheel in its current condition OASIS
Source of iron rule in strictly secular school? ORE
Story of modern life in England: Uber all over the place URBAN LEGEND
Tease hip Republican with comedy skin piercing HYPODERMIC
Vibration limited by plane manufacturer’s absorbent coat BATHROBE
Wanting pair bagging a couple of Oscars? POOR

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