Crossword Puzzle Info Cryptic – Mar 6 2018

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Clues Answers
23 controllers deal with offal TRAFFICLIGHTS
Clutching tablet, a goddess approaches AVENUES
College band entertains old ship making ferry trip? CROSSING
Dash over to watch very famous dancer NUREYEV
Discard score that’s unfinished SCRAP
Dismissed story, including new sketch OUTLINE
Dodge here to find a royal couple in bed? PARKING LOT
Dope carries on flag here usually GREEN
Duck eating nothing moped SCOOTER
Fine resort is out of bounds RIGHTO
Fit to drive souped-up hot rod way beyond river ROADWORTHY
Flags here damage top of hat FOOTPATH
Hydrocarbon, brown, stored in old church OCTANE
It needs some inflation FLAT
Last forward tackles shins now and then PERSIST
Leave No 10 in bind, reeling EXIT
Oust American way of speaking around university USURP
Pedant left out label STICKER
Pochard is flying in ecstasy RHAPSODIC
Popular air Mark’s forgotten en route INTRANSIT
Put foot down and went in to drink SPEED UP
Shelter grouse or last of pheasant CARPORT
Sort of 23 in place that needs repairing PELICAN
Swears dope is where view is obstructed BLIND SPOT
They show the correct way to initial jobs SIGNPOSTS
Welshman ignores a European making aerial DIPOLE