Cryptic – Mar 7 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 7 2018 

Clues Answers
Account of persistent case of lice CHRONICLE
Alarm about European request APPEAL
Ampere is the French word meaning passageway AISLE
Bill Gates’ Centre cracks problem POSTER
Boycott bears up after duck, and is tolerable, in the end OSTRACISE
Clown court’s harbouring new plots CONCOCTS
Devout Liberal has company ejected PIOUS
Dip in sea, at last, before 10.51 AIOLI
Excitement as I’m entering American state ANIMATION
Exercise freak swallows a legume PEANUT
Filled cases of tequila, primarily, with skill to get permits TARTLETS
Foreign invaders are taking over area in mountain range SIERRA NEVADA
Get drunk at home and eat Brie that’s gone off INEBRIATE
Make excessively emotional movie star read broadcast OVERDRAMATISE
Minor finally clothed in fountain in Brussels? SPROUT
Most feeble exam score of zero? FAINTEST
One involved in diplomacy to make money, it’s rumoured, is reticent TACITURN
Pressure fool’s wife or daughter to provide access code PASSWORD
Relish pertness SAUCE
Remove hedge at the end of loveless marriage UNINSTALL
Responsibility each Argentinian carries CHARGE
See ex-Prime Minister in figure-hugging dress SHEATH
State police can cut crimes CIRCUMSTANCE
Stems from fundamental Christians twice ignoring extreme elements ANGELICA
Terrible thing, darkness NIGHT
Tycoon in Hindu’s trial is tainted INDUSTRIALIST
Vigorous enjoyment in ring after bit of wind GUSTO
Vulgar men do wild acts LOWMINDED

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