Cryptic – Mar 8 2018 Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions РMar 8 2018 

Clues Answers
Argument against dividing southeast Scots settlement SCONE
Burn recusant’s nose in scalding vapour STREAM
Clique’s member imprisoned at Dartmoor finally INSIDER
Crooked lender accepting current political limit REDLINE
Daughter had rings put back in ornament DOODAH
Flower’s one in row small child presses MARGUERITE
Fortieth curry for Cockneys RUBY
Great admirer shows marriage promise subsequently IDOLATER
Guys risk losing their heads to improve ENHANCE
Hectored wife and mother shoved into rotten chore ANDROMACHE
Hydrocarbon pioneers modified ISOPRENE
Indecisive woman introduces operatic epic DITHERING
Language teacher has again impressed beginners THAI
Made good or brilliant move in grass RECOUPED
Mediocre little house with bad smell HOHUM
Observant lumps about to collar enchantress SWITCHEDON
Old sailor wants dosage adjusted SEADOG
Possessions in French art gallery ESTATE
Spitfire has course, range and theatre TERMAGANT
Stock phrases individuals associated with eastern tongue CANTONESE
Strange case in which initially damaged vehicle proceeds ADVANCES
Tyler perhaps in Old Norse church keeping lookout ONWATCH
Ugly and allowed to go topless AWFUL
Vigorous number to sing about Romeo TRENCHANT
Work of genius this is not GOOF
Writer’s Bloom dropping empty idea DAHL

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