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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 1 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A job for one taking a shine to some perfect leaders of Easter Rising POLISHER
Admires one party on Isle angry with head of state IDOLISES
Being properly handled by organisation linked to the German-Czech State? UNDERCONTROL
Cunning of overseas high-flyers in court CRAFT
Didn’t wait for a place in Dublin Central? Incredible! RUSHED
Don’t complain about spin from earnest pilot TOLERATE
Exercises bookmaker at a wake close to tears PRESSUPS
Foster’s common sense about the natives losing the head with English NOURISHES
Half the characters in 1 across hear this whispered in the theatre to save for later PUTASIDE
In the old days, got carried out by those going to The Theatre or one of those providing a big spread? STRETCHER
Insanely arranged over duck served with onions in a white wine sauce LYONNAISE
It means everything to a Scot joining Party and is totally bound to be busy ALLTIEDUP
It’s a calamity with Diana’s anxious tears DISASTER
It’s revolting opening 14 across by small church PUTSCH
Keep a diary for Express utilising what the bookmakers are obsessed with PUTINTOWORDS
Model raises the French writer from the heart of the capital IDEAL
Momentarily make eye contact to fire head barman for contacting Spike SHOOTAGLANCE
Nimbly comes off assembly line set up by crafty types EASELS
On foot of setting up all the characters with English tenor taken in by police force INSTEP
Oops – criminal in papers is a little crawler ISOPOD
Puts up a sign in the dead centre for you and I producing an exotic dish? SUSHI
Putting up with dimple – a facial feature associated with the lead from Gunfight-at-the-OK-Corral? PITCHING
Raises Spike on the banks of Boyne described alternatively by us as windy? EOLIAN
Rancid custard pies missing cases PUTRID
Summit of Nigeria, Australia, Russia and Pacific Nation? NAURU
Take your foot off the accelerator to go no further (3,1,4,2,2) Putastoptoit
The way things stand, Asti is awful ASITIS
Took in the meeting of escort and writer ATTENDED