Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A number of pairs left out in a number of types of cars COUPES
Banks long-term capital gain for Big Cat LION
BBC owe cast of Silk designed by those spinning yarns COBWEB
Canon, nurse, butcher, presenters? ANNOUNCERS
Change hols to get away from homelands AMEND
Cherub or bust in publicity booklet BROCHURE
Drama in Government around party demonstrating exhibitionism SHOWINGOFF
Estuary flowing around river presumably holds a number of deposits TREASURY
Exploit prisoner associated with the German product that’s been preserved for brewers to consume MILKPOWDER
Free rent? Ground for a plant with fronds! TREEFERN
Gets up to top tables in ocean liners? STANDS
Great selection of beers to pitch GROUND
Individuals in India abandoned by Indonesia ONES
Local foolish person consumes starter of duck and fish served up? It’s a long story! GOODYARN
Old American swimmer can be uncouth OAFISH
Old lover dumped sweetheart with cutting lingo? What a long-legged bird! FLAMINGO
Old Penny begged out around university and cleaned-up around software department presumably DEBUGGED
One of the options in laundering pounds initially is about to dip PRERINSE
Pen concealed by Miss Wannamaker SWAN
Peter out with shrink? RECEDE
Put up with closing time in public house BEAR
Refuse to move most of those in 21 down, 23 down and 19 down (5,3’1,6) STANDONESGROUND
Second centre in rugby? BACK
Secure trip in boat OBTAIN
Tense play taken in by Lincoln – The Man Who Wasn’t There? ABSENTEE
The gathering of nets from coastlines SOCIAL
The second son gets caught up in Bible-bashing ABEL
The type of subject that sticks in the mind or that’s the current thinking about the situation PSYCHOLOGY

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