Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 10 2018

Clues Answers
Agitate for empire to get rid of leader – if that happens we’ll have a drink FERMENTATION
Army tour out of place in the dead zone temporarily MORTUARY
Caesar, for one, got served up a type of Italian wrap ROMANTOGA
Chase criminal with cryptocurrency ECASH
Damn sour type shouts it out at the end of Countdown! BLASTOFF
Endless American beer for The Lions is unexpected SUDDEN
Former revolutionary leader loses head with most of 21 across – is that clear to the court? EXONERATE
Funny, that’s rather a lovely touch offering clues to a puzzle OSCULATE
Get around without dog in the countryside NATURE
Have contact with court judge at the centre of Tinder – that will ignite things TOUCHWOOD
In my opinion, other spies can’t get their heads around my view ASISEEIT
Left out of deciding game as a bribe PAYOFF
Lively type made it an order ANIMATED
Loud music at a foreign restaurant outside will keep you awake at night CAFFEINE
Clues Answers
Meat in stew could be from an American can locally? INMATE
On reflection, fire half of tavern over opening moonshine for the young horsey types BUMPER
One Direction in old European capital provides the backing for The Waterboys? SOUTHEASTERN
One-third of gamblers run off with the last of the winnings from bookmakers IMPRINTS
Part of social group during the early years at the national school LOWERCLASSES
Piano technician is on the radio TUNER
Roman emperor retires around island near Troy in the East ORIENT
Russell reviewed Room for that beasty lot on the radio AERIAL
Sets-up firm incorporating assistance from foundation in Biarritz for those making predictions ZODIAC
Shaft one of those exposing smokers – one senses there might be charges in a way MINEDETECTOR
Strength of character is never wrong NERVE
The fast ways of the skinheads? SHORTCUTS
Wax lyrically to old judge ORATE
Worships images of tailored dress IDOLATER

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