Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 11 2018

Clues Answers
A party broadcast leads to potential scandal AFFAIR
Almost not happy with Anselm travelling with business agent SALESMAN
Bars for the musical types BANDS
Cloak the extremes of Robert Mugabe ROBE
Conceal sip from Squash SUPPRESS
Diplomatic mission for us at the end of autumn in place of overseas reps AMERICANEMBASSY
Don’t sell The Daily Record – is that what The Observer will do with The Daily News? KEEPADIARY
Dreamy location with accommodation for retiring types BEDROOMS
Educator produced a computer-aided design to train mice ACADEMIC
Forces Mary to take in one that’s plastered in a casual way MILITARY
It’s the pugilist’s job to go after local money or what’s left with the crumbs presumably BREADBOX
Let out pressure first, if you don’t mind PLEASE
Local crazy type in combat ship BATS
Lose rag in garden’s borders ENDS
Clues Answers
Mickey’s apartment perhaps has steady computer link MOUSEPAD
Models dress once in a blue moon SELDOM
Neighbours in the air on the first transport overseas RAFT
No grain in Argentina or Sicilian hot spot ETNA
No vista in Calvinistic medical centre CLINIC
One of those with bug let siren off LISTENER
Part of overseas sum employed to take something on ASSUME
Place opens mid August with new head who is not an expert LAYMAN
Religious leader has a bone to pick in The Warren perhaps RABBIT
Sketch parking place PLAY
Sounds like advice from the director to party with ruffian heading off to old city section DOYOURPART
Takeaway workers find bone in a part of 17 down DETACHMENT
Transportation system employed by the abbey is supposed to fit in 180 as often as possible DARTPLAYER
Unearth old partner is a moral and political philosopher EXHUME

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