Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 12 2018

Clues Answers
Awkward relation from the East ORIENTAL
Calling centre of Philately starting to collect stamps, for instance AVOCATION
Comes to a standstill with record to preserve LOGJAM
Condition of Moor going around lost HEALTH
Give the go-ahead for the foreign unfinished residence for the middleclass in America OKLAHOMA
Good vintage from China from a precious film GOLDPLATE
Head over heels with a sparkler on ring produced by Greek character OMEGA
Invest in a manner of speaking around old art exhibit INSTALLATION
It upsets soldier in The Departed to take action LITIGATE
Learnt scheme could be a temporary solution for those on holiday RENTAL
Little deceptions in acceptable levels of fiction WHITELIES
Local chap is great with domestic appliance when father leaves GEEZER
Military unit in part destroyed ETA illegally DETAIL
Most likely to get all steamed up moving inert gas ANGRIEST
Clues Answers
Old Penny and Gillian Cook find mood indicative of the lineout DIALLINGTONE
One of the downsides of The Cloud or that’s part of the forecast RAINSTORM
Parking on narrow street on a flat surface PLANE
Pretend to be ill to delay graduate at the start MALINGER
Ran away from Greenland in traditional story LEGEND
Similar to one of those in 23 down getting car from one family member for scrap JETTISON
Song and dance witnessed in the abbey SCENE
Strung out giving the past, present and future action TENSE
Takes order from Washington – it’s a battle plan WAITSATTABLE
Taking a swipe in court perhaps over women changing direction SWERVING
Travel agent perhaps is taking a break HOLIDAYMAKER
Ungodly types of appalling ageism IMAGES
What one might take when taking leave is off the wall WAYOUT
Worthily translated, this sounds like a summons from the man upstairs HOLYWRIT

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