Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A place for scientists set up by the foreign director in the fields of Athenry BALLAD
A wake-up call for team dumped by Alma Mater ALARM
Blind panic on first tee leads to inaccuracy TERROR
Dancer’s partner is a present-day worker? REINDEER
Dress shop welcomes a quiet, old female writer SAPPHO
Garda? have a job doing this? The thieves have a job avoiding it! DETECTION
German cousin releases song – anyone who has had a nail-biting experience will appreciate it MANICURE
Grasped by one of those at death’s door with chesty problem SCYTHE
Head barman in bar produces a measure synonymous with the journalists LINAGE
Is responsible for the department preaching to the masses? MINISTER
It’s just more of what the fans asked for in the end ENCORE
Launching complete outfits for those who are presumably dressed to kill, aiming to hit their targets FIRINGSQUADS
Leave local? It’s not down the country! UPSTICKS
Look over rental income tips that might appeal to high flyers EYRIE
Mass hysteria ignoring Sharia practice SYSTEM
One hoping not to get stumped later is coming up with worker getting to grips with popular Rising NEXTMANIN
One of those in 16 down perhaps is a man of the cloth? MASSPRODUCER
Open lock swimming in a piece of clothing POLONECK
Plain and simple? ORDINARY
Playing on cellos or working on the base? COLONELS
Reason police dog failed to get dope LOGIC
Recurring series at the end of 18 across similarly CYCLE
Running with the first Bush for US president? This helps to work out on the spot, you’re going nowhere: it’s all spin! EXERCISEBIKE
Take your pick of meals prepared around park SAMPLE
They make the best of the chance of a lifetime going up river to harbours around African capital OPPORTUNISTS
Toughen up rock idols if going to Glastonbury at last SOLIDIFY
What one of the beach bums might take from Grace Chesterfield? DECKCHAIR
Where you might find Cliff close to losing it ONTHEEDGE

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