Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 13 2018

Clues Answers
24 down almost provides starts for unemployed people to link together TIEUP
A selection of drinks after golf, of course GROUND
Account by Joker locking up place for Oriental partner in crime ACCOMPLICE
Aggressor loses rag with monstrous female OGRESS
Bank’s allowable expenses for a few beers ALES
Bound to change diet TIED
Catholic hospital for the sick gets unit that’s a hot addition to any place where there’s consumption CHILLI
Cut top herb bunch from a similar vintage AGEGROUP
Decorate with precious material from Spain for Arabian display, for example DRESSAGE
Detailed outlines of music cover for reproduction BLUEPRINTS
Face it, it’s perfect for window-shopping FRONTAGE
Falling out over watery types in the kitchen TAPS
Had a lot to say in Rome to officer covering up rice production CICERO
Haul up over device TOOL
Clues Answers
He paints swing in the cherry orchard THESPIAN
Heard Moore joins society first – it’s a cover up SHEATH
Keep tabs on police REGULATE
Most of those in 26 across park on spots and places awaiting developments GREENFIELDSITES
Olive’s found at the end of 13 down GREENS
Operatic song from familiar film is missing ARIA
Primate leaves prayer meeting with enthusiasm ENERGY
Put a tick against Russian writer for the audience CHECKOFF
Retiring fiction writer from the one of the clubs guarantees a cheaper fare for The Orient Express RAILCARD
Spot foreign politician accommodated in stately home PIMPLE
Suppressions of presses around county up north CLAMPDOWNS
The sisters of Erica not getting into insurance NUNS
Those in Croke Park popular with substitutes STANDSIN
Under no circumstances lose head at party with The Hollies EVERGREENS

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