Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A religious type of independent behind hospital and university HINDU
A revenue from energy came to light AROSE
Bars those who are familiar with the area LOCALS
Cherishes rare set built around unfinished replacement TREASURES
Clip of Nirvana produced by local Yank? HEAVE
Convictions handed out for breaking speed limit going around French landscape POINTSOFVIEW
Daphne and others in American city with leader of The House welcomed by foreign politicians NYMPHS
Does one’s bit for detective initially captured in article associated with wrongdoing PITCHESIN
Drawing power from amulet around one from South Africa? CHARISMA
Endless foam on pints of stout in Ring SURROUND
Final, final warning for snaky type sounds like a touch of desperation LASTGASP
First morsel consumed by hawk, in a sense SMELL
Friend admits writing to church – what would you expect from a Man of Letters? PARCEL
Iranian neighbour provides a party for Chinese ethnic group AFGHAN
It’s a revelation to one with great expectations trapped by wild hyena EPIPHANY
It’s for airing jumpers found in the stable CLOTHESHORSE
Learner in right school found in the playground SLIDES
Local incessant talk relates to Treaty negotiation YATTER
Mark and Noel’s salad with large fruits MELONS
Network refers to reports of destinations for surfers WEBSITES
Opens diner, eatery, outlet and takeaway DEDUCT
Played by a folk musician in short run on old Greek stage MELODEON
Revolutionary haircut for swimmer REDMULLET
Salad menu that’s spicy is essential for those working on their figures NUMERACY
Set-up for anyone getting into drugs trade business incorporating the Camorra and ‘Ndrangheta, for example JOINTVENTURE
Sucking up on the dance floor perhaps, all backing Mercury touring Ulster with Father Ring leading the orchestra HOOVERING
Type of chateau in German capital with bats, mites and types that end trading in 20 down, for instance CLOSINGTIMES
Unable to open up to couple losing the head with local drunk AIRTIGHT

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