Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A new adjacent short entrance leading to wing ANNEXE
Bitter type from kitchen garden envied cook ENDIVE
Canons caught ceremony at academy CRITERIA
Caught sight of philosophy writer VIEWED
Characters in photo galvanised by what outfitters in Rome produced a long time ago TOGA
Contemptuous of tips demonstrated in standard letter DISMISSIVE
Crusader lawyer from Spain is presumably going to knock? PILGRIMAGE
Drink for pirate travelling to island on top of flagship APERITIF
Dropped portion of ratatouille? Footman recoiled! FELL
Extremes of Security Council bringing up statements that aren’t true LIES
Fish found around Howth Head and Belgium raised from reserves THEBENCH
Gent’s weekend with Peer LOOK
How is this on the agenda to take the peas out of meat pies? ITEM
Institute in Split developing part of flower PISTIL
It backfired on the British leaders and it is reported in the gossip column TITBIT
It’s not just one-sided? UNFAIR
One is not out to expose the cover-up? DISGUISE
One of those in the house synonymous with a diet? PARLIAMENTARIAN
Organisation carried out investigation for Mariana Trench, for example, for the most part UNEXPLORED
Paper covers backstroke swimmer going overseas to meet rivals FLEET
Pointlessly, in the odd feud lit up place in Dublin FUTILELY
Pride, etc., generated over The Hill? DECREPIT
Provides work for 15 across laid off? DAIL
Relation travelling from the east ORIENTAL
Returning train contains drawn-out area for tree with showy flowers MAGNOLIA
Stepmother lets off shot in fit of rage TEMPER
What’s it locally about bank? It’s got nothing that’s wrong for martial arts sportspeople! THAIBOXING
Winds up sales force having no fear CLOSES

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