Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A number of those caught up in fortune-telling TEN
A side of tuna in sushi prepared with Japanese pressure treatment SHIATSU
Associate of bishop taken in by viral sensation is the first to repent MEMBER
Bewildered by bank’s lobbyist LOST
Can’t get over the remorse and guilt, it’s said, Hungary no more is for wild birds FULLOFREGRETS
Canal flowing around area in old capital DUCAT
Carry a torch for hauling up those inside active volcano LOVE
Concealed by Mount Erebus going up to a nice cap BERET
Contented this has nothing to do with Furlong taking The Pledge – potentially, it’s a sign of great things to come FULLOFPROMISE
Don’t include what’s upsetting in testimony OMIT
Exposes organisation to first minister’s questions UNMASKS
Extremely unpleasant reports from The Tube VIAL
Farsightedness dismissing rashness of one who can’t stay still FIDGET
Flag a number of points for one of the Languages ENSIGN
Frenchman finding work close to Marseille in corporate? MERGE
Get better in hospital, bringing up what you should have got from Insurance Company RECOVER
Hasn’t much to say to The French Connection’s three leading characters in charge LACONIC
Having the freedom musically in Russia to join club for nothing RUBATO
Heading for Bugaba close to border in part of Panama BRIM
In a State where one feels the need to constantly apologise to local awash with free rooms all over the place FULLOFREMORSE
Is jealous of five in Seine doing backstroke? ENVIES
Kid raised in Novosibirsk RIB
Laughing matter oddly in Gdansk GAS
Marie Antoinette dropped neat iron at 4pm in the afternoon? TEATIME
New Irish in vessel heading for uninhabited islands in the Pacific VANUATU
Not swayed by a French film without independent director UNMOVED
Outlaw bar is near hotel BANISH
Part of sombre hotel set up by Rosemary HERB
Passage from sample of chain letters INLET
Problem for the electrician as he is not into Feng Shui FUSING
Really cool places in one top-class revolutionary space ICECAPS
Running over those characters starting for all sides today FULL
Satisfied Count got to that man from 33 down with no room to spare FULLTOTHEBRIM
Serves up a grape juice with a top slice of orange SATSUMA
Starter of idli with any other piece of meat served up in Indian dish BIRYANI
Starting off on the other side of The Border? HEM
Sue leaves free house in relation to this HEREOF
You’re on thin ice here with bowling team RINK

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