Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 17 2018

Clues Answers
A riot developed out of proportion RATIO
Campaigned with a soldier from leaderless country for diamonds AGITATED
Cons those behind a number of bars PRISONERS
Finishes 14 across in security? DANGER
For historical types there’s no harm in harvestmen EVENTS
From the start, barrister in court case is sticking with his own lot TRIBAL
Going hell for leather with 19 down transporting aliens FLYINGSAUCER
Golfers well-kept for the most part in Africa GUINEA
Have another look at most of the actual engineering found in two ships REASSESS
Is capable of holdings one’s beer leaving The Marina perhaps SCHOONER
It’s inevitable without event synonymous with cover story ALIBI
Lead valve in new engines – at times like these one wants to retire EVENINGS
Litterer removed from battle cruiser is in deep water SCUBA
Ned Eliot played with Erasure DELETION
Clues Answers
No art in satirical piece coming from The Stones perhaps SILICA
Offered work to old projectionist – that must have been a moving experience perhaps? THECINEMA
One judge is foaming at the mouth IRATE
Part of the service that has long been associated with The Cup SAUCER
Rapid decline of Independent initially frustrating to everyone FREEFALL
Relax – short stories from The Pod sound cold but are actually very hot CHILLIES
Resting places by pitch for those names no longer in the game perhaps TOMBSTONE
Runs the school in Schull – they say for the other woman HEADMISTRESS
Shed tears over that Lady in Red? CHERRY
Small gin cocktail with Oscar Faraday in exotic garden doesn’t bode well SIGNOFDANGER
The best option for the accountant in The Cape’s organisation CHEAPEST
They’re expected to keep watch from transport portal PATROL
Well-covered areas of Idol’s file in circulation OILFIELDS
Wondering who will win the next election, for example? At The Party they play such charades! GUESSINGGAME

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