Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 18 2018

Clues Answers
Capital of Aruba – I wouldn’t give you two shillings for it but everyone else would? FLORIN
Digs up vegetable around stunning centre at the home of the man’s best friend KENNEL
Do what they say to somebody kicking out the Mods OBEY
Easily annoyed city father dismisses fair TETCHY
Everyone from island goes a fair amount of the distance to party up north ALLIANCE
Films a number of those that are drunk SHORTS
Gangster is mostly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed meeting Firm outside ALFRESCO
Goes unnoticed as barman finishes with something popular BLENDSIN
It’s been said before – dictators don’t have cars? DITTO
Last Christmas present of a winter blanket SNOW
Mad plot organised by one running a mission DIPLOMAT
Mentions they say things about some people’s characters REFERENCES
Not genuine rates laid out for the last of the fizz ERSATZ
One of those in The Palace has a tendency to wobble and is picked up by the next generation of queens ROYALJELLY
Clues Answers
Order in residence disregards sin DECREE
Oriental criminal foundation loses the head with Bond’s various sections ELEMENTS
Playing Ludo is ostentatious, in a manner of speaking LOUD
Principal has a series of lessons for those in Home Economics to learn MAINCOURSE
Relative sets up financial gambles for those looking for escapism ADVENTURES
Roar popping elbow around top of ligament BELLOW
Ruth Eliot covers up the realities of the situation TRUTHS
Show off cycle chain CROW
Some control a temper – it’s long overdue LATE
The one o’clock from Newry perhaps constitutes a lack of productivity DOWNTIME
The top-shelf fiction in relation to bottom shelf non-fiction, for instance, couldn’t be further from the facts FARFROMTHETRUTH
Type of wine that’s not made in Cork SCREWTOP
Upsets Pole on ship with musical tunes RAPS
Verbally attack head teacher for picking up on what’s said to teachers’ group TEARINTO

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