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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 19 2018

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Clues Answers
A few letters of distress about the greatest footballer with a mineral that’s not very fiery ASBESTOS
Alerts women missing lot of male-only outfits! MENSWEAR
Cared desperately for small group CADRE
Carrying lots of baggage for The Tourists on the house and one of The Frames ROOFRACK
Cold, tasteless storage system CLOUD
Compact small university and institute checks jaguars for problems SUCCINCT
Faith’s caught with quantities of grass CREEDS
Improves engineer’s short biography? Yes – make it so accessible it’s unreasonable! OVERSIMPLIFY
Irate shy model causes major alarm HYSTERIA
Keep that under your hat or veil? HUSHUP
Ken’s girlfriend gets carried along by this wee bit about new polls (4’1,4) DOLLSPRAM
Last composer to play Grieg is a type of fiddler RIGGER
Lyrical tributes from Africa on the Black Sea ODESSA
Magician’s trick in 23 down has nothing to do with force coming from most of 1 across CLOUDOFSMOKE
Clues Answers
Measured drinks in the army mess presumably UNITS
Memo from head-banger dismisses Herb AGENDA
Mint infected across island is lacking something DEFICIENT
Moralist’s view of the mountain pass HIGHROAD
Mostly healthy drinks around first course made with fried cod, potatoes and herbs FISHCAKES
Network foundation on lough and lake, in essence KERNEL
Novel by Kitty about old country in North America NEWFOUNDLAND
Opens 14 across beside takeaway providing space to see the birds on a sunny day CLOUDLESSSKY
Penny and Mary sent back children heading off to the old vaults PYRAMIDS
Report rogue in the bar PORTER
The European contacts the German church official ELDER
Thumbs up in lively mess for those with a habit SMOKES
Turns up, is looking for the three little pigs for Father Ring in flood OVERFLOW
Working for miners blowing the whistles Informers