Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A noble type of lace from Barcelona BARON
Behind with payments, West African country loses heart with Germany and Banks’ boycott BEINDEBT
Broadcast on the radio backed public address by the old man to the one who’ll obviously succeed HEIRAPPARENT
Caught broadcast from old African city CAIRO
Crack cut in Reno by old soldier CENTURION
Diatribe from barman taking grass SCREED
Extremist upsets art college from the start ULTRA
Genius for opening 11 down TALENT
Headhunters in old capital cost us all badly TALENTSCOUTS
Honorary title presented to one of those retiring from One Direction at benefit for Americans EMERITUS
Imagine The D?il as a place where they like to keep you in the dark, feed you popcorn and put on a show for you PICTUREHOUSE
It’s not hard to find policeman from The Yard and that won’t appear in print SOFTCOPY
Leave the car by high mountain going to church? As for the rest I’d sit on it! PARKBENCH
Local gear produced by outfit ATTIRE
Make known this is one top slammer in DC to escape from DISCLOSE
Margi cracking up The Hill with seasonal traveller MIGRATOR
Part of the body in Aldershot or Southampton TORSO
Produced a scent with attitude STANCE
Quiet partner is not giving up pouring oil on troubled waters PEACEKEEPING
Sausage, duck and head of lettuce in fresh chapati CHIPOLATA
Serves up draught surrounded by eggs, sausages and rashers in brother’s accommodation FRIARY
Small joint behind The House where they presumably got the idea for the Punt SHIPYARD
The first Generalissimo seems out of it? ORIGINAL
The German behind recipe at The Centre primarily for soft apple drinks CIDERS
The leader’s opinion, aside from the letter writers EDITORIAL
The Spectator’s formal interview with politician AUDIENCE
Those who should be prepared for closing of 11 down SCOUTS
Throwing down the gauntlet to close relative in Waterford DARING

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