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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 2 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A mass for half of those in 9 across KEEP
Advice for those on the move in Charleston – don’t throw away part of the stairway KEEPSTEP
American gets third degree hiding intelligence bug APHID
Bill’s in Utah in America STATUTES
Covered up by global society, to boot ALSO
Demonstration doesn’t include dinners with fruit TOMATO
Digs up some skunk cabbage from the rear BACK
Do a U-turn as apes jump out of plane trees RELENT
Don’t sell off The Daily Record – it’s what The Observer would do with The Daily News? KEEPADIARY
Drugs found in a number of hot powders that can be black, red or white? West Indian delicacies! PEPPERPOTS
Enlists boy working on the face of it OSTENSIBLY
Factors for older boys involved in steel production ELEMENTS
Film of weekend consumed by gluttony SKIN
Genius from the painting class is really appreciated by those playing rugby ARTISTRY
Judge consumes good books from exchange ROTATE
Kiss partner from old city in charge of the soil TELLURIC
One of those forward types complain getting this from defensive type, to boot KICK
Organisation sounds like it’s on drugs – it’s a cause for anxiety UNEASE
Recently developed top lawn is moist in the morning upsetting one of those at the recent match NEWLYWED
Relieved after last month passed DECEASED
Reveal all at opening of 22 across on night out with 10 across KEEPNOTHINGBACK
Setter’s expression for public house cocktail BARK
Take in Clare with retweet on The Ring – a musical composition CONCERTO
Teased model with dope SEDATE
The youngest sister with a fairy godmother called Erin Rock CINDERELLA
Too much INXS on the radio? EXCESS
What one might take when taking leave is off the wall WAYOUT
Zoo worker in hospital goes after 24 across KEEPER