Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 20 2018

Clues Answers
Brave Ali beaten by type that doesn’t stand still VARIABLE
Claims these were heard in confessions ADMISSIONS
Copper’s description of climate change around central Ireland METALLIC
Crafty type in charge at the French AA? ARTICLES
Creative crafty racist admits twisting it ARTISTIC
Crude types of fresh soil OILS
Depletions of sole swimming around ship LOSSES
Did a job on The Field and is in Fruitful Deceptions from the star? FERTILISED
Eccentric is first to get fair amount of the basics and a number of the elements CHARACTERISTICS
Fighting in China with knight over a foreign refuge centre KUNGFU
First off, religious followers find test hard work? INDUSTRY
Giant specimen in de facto greenhouse OGRE
Gloomy English games partner is the first from Brazilian capital? FUNEREAL
Got a job on Top Gear with a foreign type having a shot at celebrity for the money perhaps HIREDGUN

Clues Answers
In principle, to the audience, it could be Freud? HEADMASTER
It’s a gamble protecting paramilitaries in self-serving arrangement BUFFET
Joyce, for one, is responsible for 18 across AUTHOR
Keen briefly on goddess from The Emergency CRISIS
Limits M?ni?re’s syndrome going viral MEME
One of the characters in solitary INDIVIDUAL
Record in institute is straightforward DIRECT
Second example of type of substance in 7 down SILVER
Shock from storage unit containing single volt in hospital SHIVERED
Small garden implement in Oxford, for one? SHOE
Stick around for marine trip REMAIN
The most important American state it is said MAIN
They’re the opinions of tipsy wives VIEWS
Took advantage of some gregarious educationalists USED

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