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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 20 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Alpine resort around most of the high mountain? In Scotland it is for the common man! PLEBEIAN
Australian marsupial in shock with a temperature NUMBAT
Colour sergeant doesn’t get rest cure by inland lake LAGOON
Colourful type of nut cut on top of plate in basin SALMONPINK
Comfortably in a big book about fashion centre ATHOME
Cut from octopus – sorry about that! OOPS
Dead or Alive opening at Gaiety needs no introduction? UNANIMATED
Decline the opportunity to all raise kitty at a push initially PASSUP
Disingenuous to release guides for people getting married? UNIONS
Examination relates to revolting content of popular opinion ORAL
Getting one’s hands on the keys working for Dictator TYPING
Guitar bands – Babyshambles and Kiss? BASS
Gun dog with no tail gets to fetch RETRIEVE
Hay from Himalayas or sausage from the deli? SALAMI
Instead of popular gents on the radio INLIEU
League winner doesn’t see a future with the Republic UNIONIST
Leaving drunk after bender with sinister controller SVENGALI
Not in good shape, muse is heading off to light up ILLUMINATE
One of The Stones spoke out to give the subject some recognition for those calling home in Europe and America? DUALCITIZENSHIP
Part of speech opens with ambition HOPE
Place in epidemiologist’s study for local bugs DISPLEASES
Satyr has trouble with those holding onto the remnants of the camels ASHTRAYS
Sides with top class pitch TOSS
Some stealth aircraft bound to get clipped HAIR
Speed up the process around record welcomed by one of The Doors, leading DJ and One Direction EXPEDITE
Sting’s playing Spain PAINS
Two types of detectives guard Morning Broadcast by the suits DIAMONDS
US State address from a beautiful woman starting off MISSOURI