Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 21 2018

Clues Answers
All the family left inside for firing those from pottery factory KILN
Businessmen have no sense of The Cloud NIMBUS
Calamity getting out of Oklahoma City for the fishing HOOK
Colour sergeant doesn’t get rest cure by inland lake LAGOON
Dead spit of a gent from large women’s institute? REPLICA
Deadly type of sports injury covered up SIN
Entertains with no seat for apprentice INTERN
Father’s gear seen in the crystal ball ALB
From a positive perspective, it can’t get any worse with hole in an empty tank, for example NOTHINGTOLOSE
Guarantee offers assurances to leader’s husband OATH
Heading off on hike with one of them on foot ARCH
It’s the first page on the housing list HOME
It’s zilch to do with all sides today NOTHING
Just out on the outskirts of New York forest NEWEST
Masons dismiss man looking for help SOS
Ned is not in the West End for the dinner STEW
Number of contenders for jobs in accountancy ENTRIES
Precious type of banks operating with our capital OPAL
Reports Sir’s behaviour each evening NIGHTLY
Clues Answers
Resonantly drops rate for leggy types NYLONS
Scientist associated with Sky had problems with The Sun’s direction perhaps GALILEO
Some breadwinners offering room and board INN
Souvenir of Emmet on revolution MEMENTO
Speaker loses the head with bug ANNOY
Starting off from regular meeting places with family members AUNTS
Study fresh air at institute in old capital DENARII
Swallow, for instance, what’s coming through your letterbox FLYER
The public doesn’t like this disgraceful State backing Florida in crafty email ILLFAME
Travelling on Bali from Britain in the past ALBION
Type of champagne going around centre of Marseilles and in Middle Eastern capital BEIRUT
Unique night on trip reminiscent of comic needing no introduction NOTHINGLIKEIT
Very funny sign removed from Shanghai HAHA
What honest people have for Frank? NOTHINGTOHIDE
When everything is being laundered for those in their birthday suit NOTHINGTOWEAR
Where to find Irish breakfast to takeaway that’s hot ONAROLL
Whets the appetite of casual worker with starters of tender sweetbreads TEMPTS
Woman travelling around central Tahiti just for the fun of it ONAWHIM
Working a glen with a heavenly figure ANGEL

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