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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Bob runs the committee without leader from party HAIRDO
Custom in remarkable Capri, etc. PRACTICE
Cuts diva out of the versions of The Bridge VIADUCTS
Father and mother backed park getting overhaul REVAMP
Frustrated as Old Penny is taken on DISAPPOINTED
Good health – it’s not something you often see in hospital! SICKNESS
Got it from group losing the head with politician over the Celtic goddess from summer long ago OBTAINED
Humble times – Down not getting win MODEST
Is shown on television consuming wine designed specifically for high-flyers AIRPORTS
It’s hard to find one local criticised harshly over nothing ISOLATED
It’s not different to tritium and iodine found in Iceland? Wrong! IDENTICAL
Join the Freedom Fighters? Don’t let that happen! RESIST
Kitty is on edge hovering near the water, a popular holiday spot POOLSIDE
Meeting leaders perhaps misrepresented as rich CHAIRS
Most of the dish on paper is a level above the rest PLATFORM
Nothing from Ireland at the foundation in particular is more mischievous NAUGHTIER
Party dismisses Unionist leader, a number of overseas politicians and those employing scientists LABORATORIES
Possessing hats from Washington? OWNING
Posts lie out of idleness SENDS
Presumably, The Weather Girls recorded them with The Three Degrees and others TEMPERATURES
Put a line through some disclaimer as expected ERASE
Star, for example, discovered in advance? LEGEND
Tenor managed to open spirits to drink and carry away TRANSPORT
The bare bones of what ancient diggers dug up of late SKELETONS
Took a seat from one small dissenting clique – that’s fulfilment! SATISFACTION
Votes lost around island by old council SOVIET
What’s the subject of groan from hatemonger? THEME
Where to find everyone with heart problem EARTH