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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 22 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A regular fixture in the pub – a small measure but only if absolutely necessary! ATAPINCH
Ask for money from 10 across for article in 14 down joining most of 24 down and most of 21 down PASSTHEHATROUND
Back running behind the others in old Rome ETAL
Burned out by the responsibility one has to carry BURDEN
Caught up in Aristotelian nursery group TOTS
Chooses not to accept 10 across from English relative PASSESON
Deprive detectives and sheriffs’ men at the start of spree DISPOSSESS
End product is superior and provides endless value for what is now the Ellice Islands TUVALU
France is out of fragrances and cloths for cleaning RAGS
Free admission to harbour for one going overseas PASSPORT
Half of 25 across from Irish province losing direction come up to scratch PASSMUSTER
Hooligan from Split is on holiday TEARAWAY
Ignores a rogue group ORGANISE
Local belt taken by boxer perhaps HOOK
Nuisance admits a lack of energy at school producing reused manuscript PALIMPSEST
One of those in Dublin Airport is a double for an artist from the Venetian school TITIAN
Opening 22 across popular with The Force? It’s common knowledge it’s what graduates from Templemore are doing! PASSINGOUT
Panama’s coast – a holiday in itself HATS
Party leader, the last type you’d expect to go on the tear CAROUSER
Pay no attention to separatist with no attire PASS
Poison from mountaintop’s freak of nature MUTANT
Proust drunk to the state of unconsciousness STUPOR
Recording away game from the start NOTING
Reviews Indian music a couple of times, as it’s a cultural phenomenon at The Strand AGARAGAR
Roughly what you might acquire at the 19th hole AROUND
The foreign director general catches relative with playboy LADMAG
What’s the alternative to relative losing the head? OTHER
Working in place of Dean teaching others a lesson TUTORING