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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A Bandon hermit heading off back to a French church RENOUNCE
A consumer of clothing taken in by upsetting outlandish tomfoolery MOTH
A fat cat found in Georgia SAVANNAH
A subtle difference in answer welcomed by Sister Clare NUANCE
At this moment briefly more strung out? Not any more! NOLONGER
Attorneys having no say in what’s dishonest ROTTEN
Bar traitor, criminal and judge? ARBITRATOR
Become greater with a sincere shift INCREASE
Comic loses the head – it’s to do with the viewers? OCULAR
Formal defence of American Assistant overseeing igloo reconstruction APOLOGIA
Get wind of sweetheart releasing tweets HEAR
In tears? Caught with lucky right in boxing venue! CRYING
Is separated, in a way, from one who left the match early DIVORCEE
It’s about what’s not right with sticky stuff in various plants and trees RESIN
Keep under control with a fair amount of care heading for the sun with flying Scotsman RESTRAIN
Lay the foundations in old city in Antigua possibly close to consulate INAUGURATE
Meredith has no time for that type of mentality HERD
Most of those closing 13 down for a family member AUNT
Presumably, you get this from talking shop with that collective that has a word for everything VOCABULARY
Primitive organisation associated with Cosmopolitan UNSOPHISTICATED
Purchases don’t include ash – a tree popular at Christmas? SPRUCE
Some rebuffed or antagonised by one coming out of millinery FEDORA
Sounds like Armagh might do this during Ulster Championship? Oh, that won’t happen! PLAYDOWN
Take stock from tuck shops to market locally PUSH
The trouble-shooting columnists getting grief from State workers AGONYAUNTS
Thorn found in banks of balsam herb BARB
Tin found on a land at the centre of a promising piece of real estate CANAAN
White fish from Belgium found in the odd lounge and top alehouse BELUGA