Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 23 2018

Clues Answers
5 down is in pursuit of 24 across and while it’s timely, it’s relentless MONTHAFTERMONTH
A star from club is charged in South American capital ASUNCION
Blue jays abandon base for one of those in 26 across JULY
Company deposits in JP Morgan guarded GANG
Concealed tennis lesson for one in 3 down ISLE
Concerns Santiago sabotage surrounding technology AGITATIONS
Cross mother admits broadcast is half-decent MONUMENT
Detective admits showing off help in home of ancient informant perhaps DELPHI
Do something to alarm rotten group to begin with SETOFF
Giant of Italian Renaissance hasn’t got one TITAN
Go in nervously after the foreign group of soldiers LEGION
Hand over key to a car FIESTA
Hard-working detective admits job is not finished and starts finding inconsistences coincidently PROLIFIC
How can there be no evil in violence for some time? ONCE
Clues Answers
Is that the greatest you can do to sum up mango sauce? MAGNUMOPUS
James the First had a nice time in summer JUNE
Last study on fish – that’s one for the books SCHOOLROOM
No crust in structure – is that right? TRUE
Novel ain’t timely, as secretly it’s not for publication perhaps Intimately
Order from top soldier leading yeomanry in Valencia’s cultivated area ORANGERY
Respected heads of army units and air force AUGUST
Seals leave Dar es Salaam with the fleet ARMADA
Spare man kicked? That’s hard cheese! PARMESAN
Take it for granted with poor measures REASSUME
The Animals’ set opens to hysteria in Australian state TASMANIA
Those in 5 and 24 down on both sides of march MONTHS
What the accountant did for the early man and everyone with king, for one, losing head TOTALLED
Wild, loud music that is associated with Luther’s extreme church FIERCE

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