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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 23 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
23 down getting endless bargains OFFERS
A foreign criminal insulted others online without restraint UNCONTROLLED
A Room With a View perhaps produced by Studio APARTMENT
Adult tie designed for freedom of movement LATITUDE
American state consumed by unfermented grape juice from Asian capital MUSCAT
Brief note from us reviewed by judge or the equivalent COMMENSURATE
Column inches, leaders and links to Washington and Moscow CITIES
Come to terms with Frost reworking around ”Away!” to a degree MASTEROFARTS
Denies one is missing essentials NEEDS
Exercises for a scribe working around Oxford AEROBICS
From flat we hear row – the one that’s bound to be heard by the court PLAINTIFF
In a panic showing off cedars SCARED
It relates to reason for employing casual CAUSAL
Kick out former pupil behind a fair amount of the nuisance EXPEL
Lack of harmony in ambiance all over the place around central Ireland IMBALANCE
Mature soldier follows revolutionary paramilitaries ADULT
Notices report about Robin and The Penguin’s group SEABIRDS
Obsessively indecent type produces pressure on Russia to find individual in Split PRURIENT
One foreign politician took to the stage and strongly had an influence on The Crash? IMPACTED
Private left yard on the sly SECRETLY
Proposal for volunteer? OFFER
Samuel conceals Diana’s humiliating cruelty SADISM
Se?orita heading off to Roses working for The Examiner ASSESSOR
Secretary’s boss is a crafty type responsible for keeping the people under the thumb as a rule DICTATORSHIP
Shade missing from Harris Tweed – that’s one for the books WRITER
Short, crisp style of alcohol primarily from dry wine including Port ABRUPT
Sick characters welcome heroic blockbusters sold to those with a mountain to climb ICEPICKS
Use external company to expose spy’s confidant OUTSOURCE