Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A measure of whiskey in small, informal shot glass served up for relative that’s a little rundown SHORTSYNOPSIS
A sorry State with no leader in flames ALIGHT
Brief impolite type as well as those in 30 across SHORTANDSWEET
Candy Snider leaves the dessert wines SWEETS
Chinese way of serving up dessert biscuit OATCAKE
Display of the military characters in 17 across as well TATTOO
Drives out to Howth Head with a member of religious order DERVISH
Extremes of earth-shattering philosophy from Husserl, a noble sort? EARL
Finish filming of what’s on the menu in The Restaurant WRAP
First to yell out names to stooge YESMAN
Frequent visitor sounds surprised at Institute and University in Belgium HABITUE
Hagiographer dismisses Grieg as a member of old royal family? PHARAOH
Head of cauliflower in potato soup – that should keep you warm in winter TOPCOAT
Highwayman Bar is for returning heads, teachers, instructors, disciplinarians? BANDIT
Hotel mysteriously bank on Greek character doing the work of a small barbecue HIBACHI
In a corner failing to get parking? Reverse and go someone else! DEPART
It goes over everyone’s head in South Kerry? SKY
It’s apparent in uploaded photograph circulating of those rolling in dough RICH
It’s scarce starting for all sides today SHORT
Mix of cast iron sample STIR
Moderate loses the head frequently? OFTEN
Most of those in 27 down, of course SWEET
Name on island for Ulster bus stations TERMINI
Noble and casual swallowed up in Alien with energy from top down EXALTED
Not against characters getting a rise in War Office FOR
Old Roman leader from The Church TRIBUNE
One hopes to get a lot from offer to the German BIDDER
Respiratory problem and so forth playing with slight wind SHORTOFBREATH
Shocked reaction up in The Alps again GASP
Size up edges of turned up Eton collar RATE
Some concern at a lough in the old province overseas NATAL
The odd beauty from club BAT
The response of the fat cat perhaps to jeer from perjurer PURR
They get fired by a major supplier for concealing what’s in farm subsidies ARMS
Unable to pay for endless fish on boat around Eritrea – presumably, it’ll form part of a suit in Bermuda SHORTTROUSERS
Unfinished museum of shoddy jewellery TAT
Unique old revolutionary loses the head with posh guy needing no introduction ONEOFF
Unkind, short row is more powerful MEATIER

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