Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 24 2018

Clues Answers
Breakfast for The Young Ones perhaps doesn’t amount to much SMALLFRY
Correct workers on square for a change AMENDMENT
Discount rate doesn’t include rustic present DONATE
Dump stupid search App SCRAPHEAP
Figure has eight pints and it goes to his head – it puts those out west in the shade TENGALLONHAT
Gets sold on The Secret Garden possibly in America, as if taken from Fairy Tales REALTY
Go too far for criminal chancer over nothing ENCROACH
Goes around volcanic rock and most of the revolutionary deluge of snow AVALANCHE
Got wind of that crowd on the radio HEARD
Has taken out a lot of people and might have got away with murder lots of times SERIALKILLER
Imagines pressure is on revolutionaries holding up what separates the participants in court PRETENDS
Laying the first corner of small pastry with hot glazed topping STARTING
Makes a play for graduate accommodating English Lord working with family member MELODRAMA
Makes little of frosty figure when hard type approaches a drip MELTINGPOINT
Clues Answers
Mental breakdown over the fire MANTEL
On their own, leader’s terms of reference will furnish the range of The Hearing OTOSCOPE
Order car out of arrogance ORANGE
Part of the book has writing that draws attention to The Messenger PAGER
Perfume is from blossom in 7 down for instance AROMA
Press gets mystery man found in other movement EXHORT
Profiles hotel in new spa at Spanish domain SHAPES
Reclassifies missing series describing something that may be taxing FISCAL
Shop The Greens – is that the plot? MARKETGARDEN
Some fort built by first-rate type FOREMOST
The Foundation on that spot with a lake is heavenly ETHEREAL
Took steps to put on a show ACTED
Tune on boat goes up and down AIRCRAFT
Will this come apart without top film producer? CAMERA

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