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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 25 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A leading entertainer in The Wild Bunch is a parasite AMOEBA
A month in Israel or weekend with Elvis all over the place KISLEV
A party to most of the fodder coming back in from Kabul AFGHANI
Broadcast flower in Ulster from the green city in the sun NAIROBI
Cocktail from can knocked back by Bond KNIT
Confine to borders of Californian sage CAGE
Copper can switch lanes on the road dangerously CUTIN
Drain head off jug of beer perhaps EWER
Drop the sides of 23 across, of course! PATH
Entitlement to open report at any point to finish the minister’s address RIGHTREVEREND
Fire iron initially from back kitchen in nice holiday cottage IGNITE
Fit for all sides today RIGHT
It’s a sample from street cook TESTER
Just trying to remember how a Conservative’s mind works RIGHTTHINKING
Lack of interest in a track by Yes APATHY
Leaders of an unusual political alliance, in reality, a proponent of the nanny state perhaps AUPAIR
Local digs up all heads of small tender lettuces from America – the north INSULTS
Mark and Cliona from California FAIR
Minor argument at university linked to leading academic employed in the kitchen SPATULA
Mistake to drop item from petition ASK
One foreign politician in Cork is crystal clear LIMPID
One of the deliveries is eaten on break NEONATE
Philosopher is on something in company PLATOON
Pick up on charm coming from March Hare HEAR
Play ain’t about national school with the lead from Brief Encounter? INSTANT
Primate produces revolutionary report GORILLA
Record by tenor in high definition reviewed in its complexity? DEPTH
Room for hire in hotel and in 21 down HALL
Sample of revolutionary, unparliamentary online exchanges EMAIL
Shogun’s missing son is Flood? GUSH
Sinatra is out of stationary – presumably, he’ll get it from dancer’s boss? TOY
Sounds like bun fight with eggs ROE
Taken in by national leader? One hundred per cent! ALL
The data protection commissioner will give you this, I agree? With key admission! RIGHTOFACCESS
The smallest space for pikes to swim POKIEST
The whole story of one depression after another LOWDOWN
Where in Monaco, race consumes Formula One team OUTFIT
Write a report on plot without an intro and misrepresent morality in its totality RIGHTANDWRONG