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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 26 2018

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Clues Answers
9 across goes on ahead with one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers? SCOTCHBONNET
Come together in summer gesture MERGE
Coming to terms with head barman admitting knocking back local dope and tablet ADAPTING
Drunk in Edinburgh put a lid on the story: ”Irish spirit lacks elegance from the start” SCOTCHWHISKY
Fire the imagination playing Euros ROUSE
Gives threatening looks to beasty type left in ship SCOWLS
Indians’ retreat harms a settlement ASHRAM
Iris is a bit of a looker EYEPIECE
Is not in the episodes to remove from The Office DEPOSE
It’s a depressing experience locally not starting boat for possessive type OWNERSHIP
Leading the pack caps nothing? Really! ISTHATSO
Legend gets nothing from tennis, from fight in the ring or from one of handy types in golf GLOVEBOX
Model reddens holding violin on a piece of porcelain DRESDENCHINA
Mystery novel involves maiden providing a sense of balanced proportion to both sides SYMMETRY
Clues Answers
One of the classes for the players from Spain CASTE
One person relieving tension for the body in USA seems wrong MASSEUSE
Permit is only for foundation and might last a year if you’ve done a deal WARRANTY
Public health nurse on Madagascar starts to write to hospital in Asian capital PHNOMPENH
Regular series on Dart is for the tourists? CYCLERACE
Senses popular legend consumed by wealth MEANINGS
Shutdown half of 18 across SCOTCH
Sleuth out of place with what the fraudsters are planning HUSTLE
Spot the Ball editor confronted EYEBALLED
Tests out the crystal set for those in 15 down to use LYCRA
They’d make you laugh in Government making up names GASMEN
Those running the film studios took the spice out of Gospel music MOGULS
Traveller has golf on the brain and it’s close to the bone for one who likes to cheat GLOBETROTTER
Turn a blind eye to foreign region IGNORE